Radio overnight.

Praise the Lord!!

Am glad to testify on the great work done through the radio.

We conduct the overnight every Sunday evening up to 3:00am, a number of people have given their lives to Christ, many have been healed of their sicknesses, people are encouraged through the word of God.

Many have encouraged by the word of God minister in the overnight.

Sick people received their healing through prayer by faith

Throughout the pandemic, I have seen people supporting the program by giving generously towards the work of God.

The ministry is continuing.


Author: Denis Ayebazibwe

I was born 1985 June 12th, I grew up in a humble family where poverty was a bigest challenge, I was failing schooling, but when Christ visited our family and got save in 1998 August all things changed. We have managed to study, I, my brothers plus our sister, I joined theological school and aguired degree in theololy. Now am a pastor at Kagongo full gospel church. I have a family of two children happy and serving God with my wife. God bless you