Church Planting

Jehovah Jireh  Project is an independent organisation which also plants churches in some of the poorest areas of greatest need within western Uganda, starting with a move of God in places without church buildings, structure or trained leaders. One of the core values within Jehovah Jireh  Project is the training of church leaders at all levels, building community wherever required. Most of our churches own their own land and work hard locally to complete their buildings.

Our leaders have servant hearts and delight in seeing God at work within their churches as people are saved and healed with God’s kingdom being advanced.

In Matthew: 28:19-20, Jesus commands us to go and make disciples of all nations and teach them to do all that Jesus Commanded us to do. The Greatest gift man can ever get on this earth is SALVATION. We do this in many ways and one of them is to plant churches in areas where Jesus Christ has not been preached and also in areas where there are no churches.

Church Planting and building;
In Romans 15: 20-21, Apostle Paul discouraged the idea of planting a local church where another local church already existed. He encouraged church planting in areas where Jesus Christ has never been preached. It worked very well for him and his team and many local churches were planted in different regions.

All Pastors and other church leaders must be trained, both in fundamental Biblical teachings and in leadership. However, the majority of such pastors that are called to serve in the rural areas are not educated and do not always speak the common languages. These take special care. New lessons must be developed and translated into their respective languages.


Word Harvest Mission needs the following for a good service:

  • Bibles in local languages ($15 each)
  • Bicycles or Motor cycles for rural evangelists and church leaders
  • Short-term visiting Bible Teachers and Mentors
  • Portable Public Addressing Systems
  • Prayer partners
  • Evangelistic Van which will enable us to reached the rural/remote area.
  1. We ask you to pray for this business of converting and discipling, because a true church is composed of disciples but not just converts.