Core Values

  1. Biblical Inerrancy : We believe that the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God.
  2. Bible Centered Preaching And Teaching: We preach and teach the authentic Word of God.
  3. Empowering The Next Generation: We believe in empowering the next generation to evangelize and become disciples for Christ.
  4. Christ Like Love: We believe in demonstrating unconditional love to everyone.
  5. Spirit Led Encounters: We believe in submitting to the Holy Spirit to direct our interactions with God and others
  6. Integrity:  We believe in exhibiting honesty and transparency in all we do.
  7. Servant Leadership: We believe in empowering individuals to serve and lead.
  8. Kingdom Mindset: We believe that our church plays a role in establishing His Kingdom.
  9. Community Focused: We believe we can impact and influence our community by intentional community involvement.
  10. World Changers: We believe in the Great Commission to touch the world with the gospel.