Elshaddai Primary School

In Uganda thousands of children under the age of ten years have lost one or both their parents to disease and war. It is our vision to show these children the love of Christ by meeting their basic needs and assisting them in obtaining the opportunity to go to school, this will sure them of a brighter future and set them on their way to becoming productive adults.
We have a school where needy and vulnerable children are being helped to acquire life skills for self sustenance. More than a thousand children are targeted to be helped but our target is to help more than five thousand children.
We need sponsors to help us with feeding children, paying school fees and schoolastic materials.
We also need to build more schools in rural areas where early child education is a problem. Most probably in Buhwezu district where most of the children don’t go to school due to poverty and sometimes distant schools.
We desire to build an orphanage home and a school where we can easily cater for orphans and homeless children to be good citizens with life skills.

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