Success Stories

Lauben Kamagyezi, a local entrepreneur and Director of Lauben maize milling factory.

Lauben is a young man who started as a yogurt and bread driver. Later he started his own business of making bread and juices. He kept own buying calves and sell them when they’re bull which gave him a chance of leaving other businesses and started a maize milling factory.

Lauben still uses local labor and local machines. He said he has a vision of using automatic machines in future.

Lauben became a supporter of Jehovah Jireh ministries so greatly by giving money and maize flour to support conferences and some needy people especially single mothers and orphans.

Mr Kamagyezi Lauben is Married to Mrs Mary Kyarikunda and they have four children.

Lauben serves as the programmer in Kagongo Full Gospel Church while his wife is the youth pastor. God is blessing them for their spirit of servant wood to God.


Maize grain being poured into a machine to remove the outer court depending on the number the customer wants.
When maize grains are finished are then taken to a milling machine to prepare flour

Every night they can produce one tone, but Mr Lauben would want machines which can produce four tones a single night. You’re free to come and visit the factory for your personal benefits