What we do


$30 a month supports a senior and includes:

  • Regular home visits from Jehovah Jireh Project staff and volunteers
  • Free medical screening and treatment
  • Access to safe, secure, and healthier housing
  • Improve self sustaining income and food security
  • Support with caring for grand children
  • Learn skills to improve their lives
  • Opportunity to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Participate in bi-weekly fellowship days with fellow seniors which includes:
    • Bible study
    • Praise and worship
    • Hot nutritious meal
    • Workshops for improving life skills
    • And many more various activities


Blessings and loving others in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ always returns a blessing to our own souls. When you sponsor a senior at Jehovah Jireh Project we will ensure you receive annual updates as well as updated photos.

Our seniors are always happy to exchange letters and are truly blessed to have the opportunity to learn more about you and share their story. You are able to write hand written letter or send over a letter in Word or PDF format via email to your local Jehovah Jireh Project office.

Interested in visiting your senior? Friendships are always strengthened when people are able to embrace, laugh, pray and share meals together. If you are interested in traveling to Uganda or to visit your senior friend, please send your office an email to request further information.