Youths Ministry

Youth Ministry

In youth ministry, we partner with schools and extend the gospel of Christ there. In fact we have a ministry called Timothy ministry for raising young Timothy (young leaders) in which am the chairperson. We do youth camps.

Our vision:

  • To develop a lifestyle of worship by teaching and training the youth  in the word so they can discover the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of God.
  • To provide ministry to the youths  through small group centered ministry that includes bible study, prayer, counseling, outreaches (home, hostel and school visits) for purposes of strengthening fellowship.
  • To develop disciples by providing means through which the youths will be nurtured and modeled to grow in becoming Christ-like.
  • To prepare youths to effectively participate in ministry by providing diverse opportunities by which they can utilize their God given talents and gifts.
  • To prepare youths  with a passion for evangelism by training them in the love of God to share the good news for purposes of growth and multiplication.

The youth pastors hold a vision of having a vibrant group that is Godly and involving; they hope to make this group a model group in the entire district through various activities run throughout the year among them are

The Life skills programme

  • Symposium / Talk shows
  • Workshops/Training
  • Career Guidance


Sports and Games;

Outdoor games and Sports Tournaments

Recreation activities

Youth Camp;

Teaching of life skills, rock climbing & hiking, physical workouts, leadership tips, team building, Biblical reading and discussions, soul winning, praise, worship and prayer, community work. All is done to purposely empower youth holistically.

  • Praise rallies
  • Music Galas
  • Services and Meetings
  • Bible Quiz
  • Bible study
  • Retreats
  • Youth fellowships/Youth extravaganza; music and sharing the word and prayers and showcasing of different talents of youth
  • Youth Outreaches

Programs are made with different schools, tertiary institutions, students’ hostels, hospitals, prisons and communal work in Western Uganda and in the neighboring districts. During these missions, the youth share and interact with other youth, it’s also an opportunity for exposure that builds their confidence and self esteem


Youth Ablaze

This is an annual event; it’s a time for preaching, sharing and mentoring youth. Topical issues and challenges of the youth are discussed openly for the benefit of all

Over the years, the youth ministry has grown from a small group to over 80 permanent members. It has mentored youth in various aspects including counseling and talk shows where guest speakers are invited to talk about different issues of concern to the you. This is made easy by grouping them in respective age groups such that the right content is delivered to them basing on age and capacity to internalize the topics brought on board.